Launch Your Healthcare Career with Our Nursing Assistant Program

Basic Nursing Assistant Program

Make a difference in the lives of the elderly, the infirm and their families by training as a Nursing Assistant. While the dates may vary, new classes start every two months at Carepaks Health Services Inc.

The program lasts for six weeks and includes a minimum of 80 hours of theory instruction and 40 hours of clinical training.
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Carepaks Health services nursing assistant program prepares individuals to work with other healthcare providers providing care and assistance in a variety of settings. This program meets State of Illinois / Department of Public Health nursing assistant training requirements. Becoming a CNA may also be your stepping stone to careers in nursing or other professions.

Advantages of being a CNA

  • Career Versatility: The field of nursing offers a multitude of pathways, and being a CNA serves as a solid foundation for advancement. Your certification enables you to explore diverse area of healthcare ,such as specialized nursing, patient advocacy, or even pursue higher education to become a registered nurse or advance further in the medical field.
  • Job Security: In an ever-evolving world, healthcare remains an essential and resilient industry. As a certified Nursing Assistant, you'll benefit from the steadfast demands for skilled professionals who provide hands-on care. Your expertise and certification will grant you a sense of job security and stability in an ever changing job market.
  • Professional Growth: The knowledge and experience gained as a CNA lay the groundwork for personal and professional growth. You'll acquire a wealth of practical skills, from administering medication to monitoring vital signs, honing your ability to adapt to various healthcare settings and continuously expand your competencies.
  • Meaningful Impact: Few professions offer the opportunity to make a genuine difference in people's lives as consistently as being a certified Nursing Assistant. Whether it's comforting a distressed patient, assisting with daily activities, or providing emotional support, each interaction holds the potential to positively impact someone's overall well being and foster a lasting sense of fulfillment within your own heart.

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